• Judith Macdonald-Lawson

    Judith Macdonald-Lawson is an Accredited Family Mediator, Child Consultant and Couples and Family Psychotherapist based in West Sussex. She counsels couples who wish to improve their relationship, helps parents and their children during family separation and provides family mediation for couples who wish to negotiate child and financial arrangements. Judith also helps family members manage wider relationship issues. Judith offers both face-to-face and on line meetings.

Relationship Counselling

Judith provides help and support for couples who are experiencing difficulties which are impacting their relationship. Judith works with couples at all stages of their life together, from early tensions arising from the arrival of children, relationships with the wider family, affairs, experiencing an ‘empty nest’ to retirement and illness. With a relatively short course of couples counselling, Judith can help you both make long-lasting changes. Click here to read more

Family Mediation

Family mediation gives separating couples the opportunity to make their own decisions about the future arrangements for their children, finance and property and any other areas of conflict, with the reassuring presence of an experienced and impartial mediator. Judith works either as a sole mediator specialising in helping parents negotiate and manage child arrangements or conducts co-mediations in collaboration with other accredited mediators.
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Child Inclusive Mediation

As a Child Consultant, Judith offers child-inclusive mediation. Judith is qualified to talk with your child or children as a part of family mediation in which child arrangements are being discussed. The government has recommended that children aged 10 and above whose parents are separating should be able to talk to a specially qualified family mediator.
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Separating Parents

Couples often struggle to communicate effectively when their relationship is ending. Judith can provide help and advice in coping with this difficult process, especially in relation to managing the needs of the children.
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Judith Macdonald-Lawson

Judith is an experienced Family Mediator accredited by the Family Mediation Council and a member of the Family Mediators Association.  She is a highly experienced Couples and Family Counsellor and Psychotherapist, accredited by the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists.

She adheres to the BACP Code of Ethics, and the FMC and FMA Codes of Practice.  All Judith’s work is fully supervised.